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Friday, November 30, 2007

New Law

The year of 2006 was a big step for men in American in regards to the Child Support Laws. Now the woman's income has to be considered when determining how much a man has to pay... If she makes more then a scale is used to measure and calculate how much he or she does have to pay. The unconstitutional ruling saying that it was done for the child was just a blatant lie. The only child that was being considered was the woman's child not the children living with the man!

Now this is by far is the one thing that burns me more when a woman can lie and say that a child is this guys child and it really is not. She can collect child support for years on years (tax free money) and does not have to pay the money back if the guy is determined to not be the child's father. That is fraud and the Court says that it is OK to lie and they don't even slap her on the hand; they tell the guy you should have know better... What kind of crap is that? What should be done is we rally to push for woman to be jailed and to pay restitution to the man if they commit fraud. Any kind of deception with checks or money someone is going to Jail and that is a fact. Although lie about paternity and defraud some man for $100,000 and the judge does not say anything what, kind of crap is this? I mean Men in some cases don't even have right!!!

The New Law should be Stiffer Penalties for Women that think that they are above the law. The first Ruling of Guilty For that crime would immediately change the perception that it is okay to lie in court! At least protect the men like they protect the children. Amen.

If you have Court Room stories or better yet just the injustices that were given to you with out your kiss please tell. The only stories that you hear about are nationwide injustices but if they exist all across America then we can rally together, stand up and fight!

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