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Saturday, July 26, 2008

When is contempt, contempt

Contempt is an act of deliberate disobedience or disregard for the laws, regulations, or decorum of a public authority, such as a court or legislative body. Individuals may be cited for contempt when they disobey an order, fail to comply with a request, tamper with documents, withhold evidence, interrupt proceedings through their actions or words, or otherwise defy a public authority or hold it up to ridicule and disrespect. The laws and rules governing contempt have developed in a piecemeal fashion over time and give wide discretion to judges and legislative leaders in determining both what constitutes contempt and how it is punished.

Contempt of court is a charge which can be laid against someone for interrupting the process of justice in a court of law. A charge of contempt, if proved, can result in fines and jail time. Many people are familiar with the concept of contempt of court, since it tends to come up in courtroom dramas.
There are several different forms of contempt of court. In all cases, they are rooted in the idea that a courtroom and its officers demand respect, both out of common decency and because a court acts as a legal authority. Failure to respect the court can compromise the course of justice, potentially causing a mistrial or compromising the integrity of a trial. As a result, contempt is treated very seriously.

Civil contempt of court involves a failure to obey an order from a court. It can be purged by obeying the order. For example, someone may speak out of turn in a courtroom during trial proceedings, disrespecting the basic rules of the courtroom. The judge can indicate that he or she will find the speaker in contempt of court unless the speaker sits down and remains silent until it is appropriate to talk. Or a witness could fail to answer a question, in which case the judge will instruct him or her to answer or be held in contempt of court.

Criminal contempt of court actually hinders the operations of the court. Examples of criminal contempt include a failure to produce evidence when subpoenaed, or threats to the judge, jury, or lawyers. Someone who yells at the judge, for example, could find him or herself accused of contempt of court.
Contempt of court is also broken up into direct contempt, which takes place in front of a judge, and indirect contempt. In order to prove a charge of contempt of court, it must be proved that the contemnor was aware of the court order or rule which was violated, that he or she was able to comply with the order, and that the contemnor failed to do so. If proved, the sentence for contempt varies, depending on the severity of the crime.

So the point I am making here is, at any given time when a women gets ready and decides not to let a child see his or her father, that is contempt. So when a man does not pay his child support he is held in contempt and threaten with jail time... I don't think that it is fair that a women gets off with a speech about ethics and she know its not right. Then a man will have to go to jail for an infraction of the law...

The Fourteenth Amendment says no man or woman shall be deprive of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

So when a woman gets a slap on the hand and the man has to go to jail, isn't that a violation of the fourteenth amendment? You see green is green no matter what shade it is, and contempt is contempt no matter how minor it is... So shall it result in fines and jail time for not only the child support payers but the child visitation deniers!
So speak the words of truth, so that all can witness by...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Britney to pay Kevin $20,000 a month child support

Kevin Federline will receive $20,000 a month from ex-wife Britney Spears for looking after their two children. Federline won sole custody of the children, Sean Preston and Jayden James this past week.Britney was granted two visits and one overnight stay each week, and she may also be granted an additional overnight stay by the end of the year.
Did any one know she was raking it in like that? I mean thats Puff Daddy Child support payments...

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