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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Child Support, get rich quick!.

I am pissed off that the Child Support, allows the Judicial system to take advantage of men period! Hey don't get me wrong I have heard of issues of women paying child support but do they really get the TOUGH Love that men get when they go to court? The reality is no, hell no!
At one point in time Child Support was designed to protect the inocent Childern and the mothers. Now it is just a get rich scheme that 60% of the women of the World use to get that added TAX FREE income. I can not begin to imagine that Sean "Pdiddy Combs" pays $35,000 a month for one child. $410,000 thousand dollars a year. That is great for the mother, considering that the income does not even have to be claimed! The person that paid taxes on the income can not even get the benefit of writing it off on his or her taxes.. Now the reality does not haveThe ideal that I make 10 million a year and slept with a star entitles me to lay claim his money? Taking care of the child is one thing helping a mother hit the lottery is something all together different. She starts out with a Lincoln and after she has a baby she drives a Bentely, is that really fair?
The ideal of paying child support is great, but what about the people that actually get caught in the system of Child Support in different States? I mean lets keep it real, making a cliam based on gross income is not fair to the man or his childern at home. Why you ask? you make $400 before taxes, after Uncle Sam gets his cut you actually made $320. notion that the dad has to
Ofcourse if married that is a different story I mean Michael Jordan paying
paying On the New York Supreme Court's Appellate Division refused to hear Sean "Diddy" Combs' appeal of a lower-court decision ordering him to pay more than $19,000 a month in child-support payments, according to The Associated Press. In 2005, a judge initially set monthly support payments at $21,782, but later reduced the amount. That was after the Westchester Family Court ruled Diddy should pay $35,000 a month to ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim for the care of their now-12-year-old son, Justin. ...
Do these women hit the lottery or what?

bobbie brown.
How much are the child support payments to this...?
Q. How much does Sean Combs pay Kim Porter in child support?A. An amount between $12,000-$35,000/mo.
The amount Sean "P.Diddy" Combs pays in child support for his two sons has been a hot topic at Answer this... since 2003 when Misa Hylton-Brim, Justin's mom, sued to get her child support payments increased from $5,000/mo. to $35,000/mo. Hylton-Brim's attorney claimed that the increased amount was on par with what Combs paid his other baby mama, Kim Porter, to support her son, Christian. The courts ultimately ordered Combs to pay Hylton-Brim $21,782/mo.
In 2001, Porter sued Combs to get her support increased from the court mandated $11,000/mo. The pair settled out of court and details of the settlement were not disclosed. I have unofficial reason to believe the amount is around $32,000.

The $25,000 per month in child support that 50 Cent pays to his son’s mother is not enough, says the boy’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins. The rapper is “worth tens and tens of millions of dollars,” said her attorney, Raoul Felder. Tompkins and 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, are disputing in family court located in Central Islip, Long Island over their 10-year-old son, Marquise Jackson. With his G-Unit record label, clothing line, ring-tones and other business ventures, 50 Cent made an estimated $33 million in the past year, according to Forbes magazine.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mother of x-Mayor Herenton’s is seeking a modification in child support

When longtime Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton retired in July, it cost a young boy his health insurance coverage, lawyers for the child's mother said.

A Juvenile Court petition filed Thursday by Claudine Marsh, mother of Michael Herenton, a boy the former mayor fathered out of wedlock in 2004, is asking Herenton to put half of the lump-sum pension he received from the city in a trust fund for the child, who turns 5 today.

Claudine Marsh with her son, Michael, in 2005. He turns 5 today and ''needs health insurance,'' attorneys say.

Claudine Marsh with her son, Michael, in 2005. He turns 5 today and ''needs health insurance,'' attorneys say.

"We don't know what's going to happen in the mayor's future," attorney Patricia A. Woods said. "We don't know what's going to happen in little Michael's future. But we know that the little boy needs health insurance, and he needs it right now."

A Herenton representative said earlier Thursday that the former mayor wouldn't comment until he received the documents.

The complaint comes as Herenton prepares a run for a seat in Congress. The lawyers said Marsh realizes that some might see her legal action as a political ploy.

"There's no good time to do this to a man of his stature," Woods said.

Marsh is now living with her son in Cobb County, Ga., where she has relatives, and she's currently not working, Woods and fellow lawyer William W. Jones IV said.

The lawyers said in court documents that Marsh fears the child will receive none of the $506,845 Herenton got when he retired July 30 without a court order. The boy also relied on his father's health insurance through the city.

They seek an injunction to freeze the pension and an order that Herenton pay $250,000 into a trust fund for the child. They also ask that Herenton be held in contempt of court.

The lawyers said Herenton has been ordered to contribute $2,100 per month for the child, an amount they say is necessary to cover private school and other needs.

The court document filed Thursday says the November 2005 child-support agreement requires Herenton to prove that the child would receive a portion of his city pension. And it alleges that Herenton has understated his income by failing to disclose money from sources such as private real estate transactions and gifts.

The petition also says Herenton is supposed to take care of Michael 80 days per year but has never done so and that Marsh deserves extra compensation because of the former mayor's lack of involvement in the child's life. Woods said Herenton does see the child on occasion, but acts more like a friendly uncle than a concerned parent.

The court action refocuses attention on Herenton's unusual decision to forego a normal pension payout after serving as mayor for more than 17 years. He would have received $75,000 per year, surpassing the lump-sum amount within seven years.

There has been speculation that Herenton left office in midterm at age 69 to protect his pension. A federal grand jury has been investigating the mayor's business practices for months, but it's unclear if criminal prosecution would put the pension in jeopardy.

The story of Herenton's out-of-wedlock child came to light in 2005. He spoke about it at a press conference a day after The Commercial Appeal talked to Marsh, who was 31 and working as a security guard at the time she met Herenton, who was 64. The relationship ended after a few months.

Herenton, who is divorced and has three adult children, had already faced scrutiny for affairs with a principal and a teacher while he was Memphis City Schools superintendent years earlier.

I am pissed that Ms Marsh has the nerve to want more money. She gets $2,000 a month and still is not satisfied. She has the nerve to say that she wants half of his retirement money, what??? I ain't saying she is a gold digger but she is not messing with no broke guys. This is unbelievable, if they give her another penny more they are contributing to the obscenity of the games some women play... Stop the madness, and start cutting back on the amount of money that the women are getting and allot of these issues will stop yesterday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Survey says" You are not the father!

ATLaNTA, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In 2003, The American Association of Blood Banks found that in almost 30 percent of the paternity tests conducted the man being tested is not the biological father.

"This means millions of fathers may unknowingly be raising children who are not theirs biologically. When a man discovers the truth about the child's parentage, this can have a far-reaching emotional impact upon him, the child, and the families involved like John Edwards' situation," said Carnell Smith PfV, renowned paternity fraud expert and director of U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud ( ).

Smith said, "Surprisingly there has been no formal study of this - until now."

Sharon Squires, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology at California State University-Dominguez Hills, and Carnell Smith PfV have joined forces to develop a new on-line survey, the first of its kind, which will examine the emotional, financial, legal, and social impact of paternity fraud on men.

"We know very little formally about how men react to learning that they are not the biological father of a child they thought they had fathered," said Dr. Squires. "Men have few places to turn for help when they find themselves in this situation. With this survey we want to get a baseline understanding of this very important issue which has profound implications for society and for a child's right to know their identity."

Frank Hatley is a paternity fraud victim, recently released from jail after serving about one year for owing back child support reimbursement for a child proven by DNA testing not to be his. Hatley is childless, according to a CNN report (8/11/09).

Hatley's release was based upon use of the 2002 Georgia paternity fraud law. Carnell Smith was the driving force behind this law.

Dr. Squires and Carnell Smith will join filmmaker Angelo Lobo for a special question and answer period after the showing of Lobo's documentary, "Support? System Down", ) showing in Atlanta, Georgia at the Peachtree Village International Film Festival at the Underground Atlanta Event Loft on September, 26, 2009, at 4 PM EST. "Mistakes and questionable practices of child support agencies are much more common than many people think," said Lobo.

This is starting to be a common thing,

You can run but you can not hide

You can run from child support,

but you can not hide!

A MAN who changed his name to avoid paying child support has been fined £700 at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court.

Roebyn Tusk, 56, of Donhead St Andrew, was found guilty in his absence on Monday for failing to supply information to the Child Support Agency (CSA).

The CSA made several attempts to contact Tusk, who had changed his name from Robert Kerr to avoid paying child support for his three children.

The court heard from Wendy Mark, a compliance inspector who said Tusk has been evasive and denied having ever changed his name or having any children.

She contacted the DVLA, who confirmed that a man at the address they had for him had applied for a change of name on his driving licence from Robert Kerr to Roebyn Tusk.

She also obtained a copy of his marriage licence to his second wife, which showed his name as Roebyn Tusk but had his father as Kerr.

The magistrates found him guilty of failing to supply information to the CSA and ordered him to pay a fine of £700 and £515 costs.

Killing to avoid paying child support

MARIANNA — Prosecutors said Wednesday that child support was Wesley Williams’ motive in a 2005 quadruple murder, but the defense called the state’s argument “somewhat suspect.”

Williams, 25, is accused of killing Danielle Baker, 19, and three of her four children, Amad, 3, Amarion, 1, and Aaron, 3 weeks. Baker was shot to death inside her Cottondale Village apartment on March 17, 2005. The three boys suffocated after being bound with duct tape.

Williams, who fathered two of the boys, is charged with four counts of first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated child abuse. He faces the death penalty if convicted as charged.

Testimony in the trial began Wednesday afternoon and continues today.

Prosecutor Larry Basford told jurors in his opening statement that Williams killed Baker and the children because he didn’t want to pay child support.

“He was angry at Danielle because she was messing in his business, and he didn’t want to have to pay child support,” Basford said.

He said to understand what happened the morning of March 17, 2005, jurors would have to look weeks and months before that date. Basford said Baker discovered that Williams, with whom she was having an on-again-off-again relationship, had impregnated another woman even though he was living with a girlfriend in Sneads. Basford said Williams got angry at Baker for calling his girlfriends and “stirring things up.”

“They have a heated conversation, and he threatens to whip her ass for messing in his business,” Basford said.

At the same time, he said, Baker had taken steps through the courts to get Williams to start paying $676 a month in child support.

Basford said the morning the killings were discovered, Sheriff Lou Roberts broke the news to Williams that his two sons had been killed. Basford said Williams turned away, put his face toward a wall and said, “No, no, no. He then composed himself and came back.”

Roberts “was surprised and amazed at the lack of emotion displayed by the defendant upon hearing that his two oldest sons have been killed,” Basford said.

Williams had been driving around the night of the killings with a friend, Donald Allen. The two had gone from Chattahoochee to Liberty County, where they spent some time with two girlfriends. When they left around 1 a.m., Williams’ cell phone records showed he called Baker nine times, many of them only a few seconds long as phone service cut off.

Basford said the last call was about 2:30 a.m., and it was recorded as coming through the cell tower at Marianna, which would put Williams in the area around the time of the killings. Williams denies being in Marianna at that time, and his girlfriend in Sneads said he was home with her before 3 a.m.

Allen originally told investigators that he did not see anything unusual in Williams’ behavior or his dealings with Baker that night. Basford said that a year later, Allen was arrested on a probation violation and told investigators then that Williams had confessed to him that he killed Baker because she tried to get his income tax refund.

Allen said he saw Williams with a gun at Williams’ apartment in Sneads. Basford said officers searched the yard and found a .38-caliber bullet, the same caliber used to kill Baker. The bullets could not be positively matched as coming from the same gun.

The last piece of evidence investigators found was a small limb hair on the duct tape used to bind one of the children; it was matched to Williams through mitochondrial DNA.


Deputy Public Defender Walter Smith said that same DNA would match 13 of every 1,000 blacks and all of Williams’ relatives on his mother’s side of the family. He said there also is no way of saying how that hair got on the tape, since Williams had been at the apartment a few weeks before.

Smith refuted Basford’s theories of Williams’ motives for the killings. He said both Williams and Baker had multiple sexual partners who they were both aware of. Smith said Baker talked to Williams’ current girlfriend an hour before she was killed, and it was common for them to converse.

“You’re not going to hear anything about Wesley Williams being one of those possessive, controlling types,” Smith said.

He said Baker was not seeking child support. She was on welfare, which was a far more consistent form of payment than the irregular child support payments she could expect from a person making minimum wage at a grocery story. Smith said at the time of the killings nothing had been filed seeking child support from Williams.

“That motive for the crime is somewhat suspect and it doesn’t really hold up,” Smith said.

In addition, he said, even if Williams was mad at Baker over the child support issue, it didn’t make any sense for him to kill the children, especially someone else’s child. Smith said if Baker died, the children and the welfare checks on their behalf would go to Williams.

He said the only reason Williams was charged was because Allen, in an effort to keep himself out of jail for the probation violation, lied to investigators about Williams killing Baker. Smith said it worked because even now, years after his arrest and a failed escape attempt with which he also is charged, Allen remains free.

Smith said the evidence in this case, including DNA, points to two other unidentified people committing this crime. He said the time of the killing can be ascertained by two people living next door to Baker at the time, who heard voices, water running and possibly a gunshot between 2:45 and 3:15 a.m.

“They heard Danielle Baker say, ‘Why are you doing this to us?’” Smith said.

He said the tape that was applied to the three children obviously was done by two different people; one did a meticulous job and the other was sloppy. Smith said no one knows why Baker’s daughter was spared. He said she was asleep under a bed at the time and the killers might not have known she was there.

“I expect that what you’re going to hear is that Wesley Williams is not an upstanding guy,” Smith said. “He’s not the most responsible guy in the world, but he’s certainly not a cold-blooded killer. I think what you’re going to get from the evidence is it’s not going to make a lot of sense and there’s certainly going to be reasonable doubt about Wesley Williams’ involvement in the homicides.”

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unemployment creates a problem with child support payments

The number of non-custodial parents receiving unemployment benefits is much higher than last fall with human services officials expecting numbers to rise again this winter.

There were 12 non-custodial parents out of 853 child support cases receiving unemployment benefits in September 2008. Eleven months later in August that number rose to 54 out of 846 child support cases.

The numbers peaked in March when 78 non-custodial parents out of 871 child support cases received unemployment benefits.

Wadena County Human Services Director Paul Sailer explained the significance of the numbers.

“We started to track this because we were curious how this might affect child support payments,” he told commissioners at Tuesday’s social services board meeting.

For example, a father with a job who was making $400 payments in child support a month can go to court and have that amount reduced if he loses his job and is on unemployment, Sailer said. That, in turn, affects the mother, who may then qualify for public assistance programs.

Sailer was not hopeful the numbers would improve in coming months.

“I think these numbers are going to bounce back right about to where they were last winter,” he said.

Amie Spartz, collections and accounting supervisor, said in a subsequent e-mail interview she cannot give a specific amount for the impact the unemployment rate has on child support payments. She does believe that the unemployment rate has affected the drop in collections recorded in the county.

In October through December 2008, social services disbursed $532,402 in child support payments, according to Spartz. There was an average of 32 obligors on unemployment during that time. In January through March the disbursement was down to $517,841 with an average of 72 obligors receiving unemployment. In April though June social services disbursed $605,790 with an average of 62 obligors receiving unemployment benefits.

Spartz believed the April through June payments were higher because that is a peak time for intercepting federal and state income tax refunds, she said.

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Policer arrested for not making child support payments

A Bosque Farms Police Officer has been arrested on a warrant for past-due child support, making him the second officer from the department arrested in as many weeks.

Bosque Farms Police Chief Joe Stidham said Officer John Valdez was arrested on a warrant for past due child support, and taken into custody in Albuquerque.

"He is on leave at this time," Stidham said.

He said the department is waiting to hear back from the village attorney on the case, and Valdez will remain on leave until they decide what the proper course of action is.

Stidham said no determination has been made on whether Valdez will be terminated from the department.

Valdez was stabbed earlier this summer as he was jogging on a Peralta ditchbank by an unknown assailant.

Another Bosque Farms Police officer also remained on leave Tuesday after an arrest last week. Paul Gomez was arrested earlier this month in Los Lunas and subsequently charged with DWI.

A criminal complaint filed in Los Lunas Magistrate Court states that a witness saw Gomez swerving across traffic lanes in the moments prior to the accident and that after Gomez exited his vehicle he "was shaking and acting weird."

The criminal complaint states witnesses said Gomez attempted to drive away from the crash but was stopped by bystanders, who placed themselves around his vehicle.

Gomez, a former Bernalillo County sheriff's deputy and former Los Lunas police officer, was also pulled over Sept. 22, 2008, after police received a call about a sheriff's department car driving erratically, Los Lunas police spokesman Charles Nuanes said.

Gomez was pulled over, but was not cited or charged, and his supervisors from the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department came to Los Lunas to pick him up and have him drug-tested, said Bernalillo County Undersheriff Sam Baragiola said.

Stidham said Gomez was also on leave paid administrative leave.

Man shot trying to collect child support

HARALSON COUNTY, Ga. -- Authorities said a shooting stemming from dispute in Haralson County has left one man dead and another critically injured.

Deputy Jim Beck said the shooting happened when Denise Watkins stopped by her ex-husband's Buchanan home to pick up a child support payment.

When Watkins and her current husband arrived, 33-year-old Shane Brown was the only person home.

Beck said it appears Brown shot 33-year-old Tony Watkins, who died at the scene. Police say they don't know why Brown had a gun.

Beck said a deputy heard additional shots as he arrived at the scene. Police believe Brown shot himself in the jaw. Brown was flown to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was in surgery late Friday.

Denise Watkins was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released.

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