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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Charges filed for over $67,000 in child support

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office filed more charges last week against two men who reportedly owe over $67,000 in child support and interest. One man owes money to two different women.

Brian K. Gulbronson, 37, Black River Falls, faces 16 failure to support charges in two separate cases while Darrell J. Towne, 38, Holmen, was charged with six similar offenses.

According to the criminal complaints, Gulbronson owes $40,372 in child support and $20,365 in interest as of Sept. 30. In one case, Gulbronson was to pay $84 a week beginning in July 2002, and his last payment of $165 was last March. In another case, he was supposed to pay $71 a week beginning July 2002, and his last payment of $135 was last March.

According to the complaints, Gulbronson has been found in contempt of court on at least two occasions. He last served 60 days in jail this summer but has not been in contact with the child support agency since his release. more

Delinquent support pay earns man prison time

COLUMBUS -- A 44-year-old Columbus man who “pathetically failed” in his last chance to catch up on a stack of unpaid child support bills was sentenced to 18 months to four years in prison in Platte County District Court.

District Judge Robert Steinke told Richard Delancey Wednesday he had “pathetically failed to comply with the terms of his probation” while sentencing the defendant to prison for his summer 2007 convictions on four counts of criminal nonsupport.

Steinke on Wednesday revoked the four-year probation sentence he imposed last summer against Delancey in what the judge at the time promised would be the defendant’s last chance to avoid a prison cell.

“While you don’t take the terms of your probation seriously, I do,’’ Steinke told Delancey, standing before him in front of the bench. “I gave you the opportunity to change your life ... it simply has not worked. The court is without any option. You have to be held accountable.”

Criminal nonsupport is a Class IV felony, punishable by a maximum of five years imprisonment, $10,000 fine or both and no minimum sentence. more

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dozens gather to remember child who was fatally beaten

The light of dozens of candles shines outside the former home of 20-month-old Imani Jennings.Police say the toddler was viciously beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend Friday, after she had a potty training accident. Both the mother, 20-year-old Cherron Patterson, and her boyfriend 15-year old Anthony Weakfall, were arrested Saturday.Dozens gather to remember child who was fatally beaten The murder of a young girl has drawn sympathy from across the Syracuse community. Sunday night, dozens of people came out to show their support for Imani Jennings at a candle light vigil. Allison Lazarz has more on the tribute and the message the little girl's biological father had for the community."I'm just disturbed. Every vigil that we do is hard it's frustrating, it's painful. This victim, from what I understand, people knew she was being left alone, people knew she was being abused and no one said anything. This is what needs to stop this is how we can bring our community together," said Rachel Titus, a member of the group Mothers Against Gun Violence. Imani's biological father came to the vigil to tell neighbors they need to keep an eye on one another."Make sure that we're looking out for the young people today and making sure we're involved in their lives so stuff like this won't happen," said Lee Jennings Jr., Imani's biological father.Even though some of baby Imani's relatives say this has been incredibly difficult, they say all the community support is helping them stay strong. "It takes a lot for somebody who doesn't know you to come out and support you in your time of need. It's soothing to know that there are people that will support me. That there are people who are hurting with me and that people are praying with me and that is why I smile," said Rohnda Wright-Jamison, Imani's grandmother.And she and neighbors at the vigil know Imani is now at peace.An exact time hasn't been set for her funeral.Related Stories

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