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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michael Jackson doctor can not pay his child support bill

Conrad Murray, who allegedly administered the lethal dose of propofol that killed Michael Jackson, says he can't pay the $13,311.47 he owes in back child support for his 10-year-old son because of all the bad publicity he's gotten lately. It took an arrest warrant for him to come up with an excuse.

TMZ reports that Murray filed court documents a bench warrant was issued against him for bailing out on payments for his 10-year-old son, claiming:

As a result of the media coverage of Michael Jackson's death, combined with the deleterious effects of the current recession, [Murray] was simply unable to meet his obligations."

The documents also claim that Murray is "temporarily unable to maintain a practice or obtain employment because of the extensive media coverage related to the death of Michael Jackson."

When will Akon be served his child support papers?

Akon's baby mama is going to new lengths to reach him for unpaid child support. Sara Coleman, the mother of the singer/producer's youngest son, alleges that he has been dodging process servers for months, so she's blasting Akon with an ad in the Los Angeles Times in order to get his attention.

Ironically, the paparazzi recently had no problem catching up with the Sengal native at a New York airport, where he shared some advice for whoever can't seem to reach him. "I'm a celebrity," Akon said. "My schedule is on the Internet. You can go on my MySpace, it'll tell you where I'm at!"

Coleman, who initially wanted the child support matter to remain private, is now singing a different tune. Her lawyers allegedly went so far as to attempt to serve the award-winning artist at Michael Jackson's funeral, but to no avail.

Akon, on the other hand claims to not be hiding. "Akon has taken responsibility and has been extremely cooperative and proactive in handling this private matter," said his lawyer in a statement back in July. "Paternity was only established just over 30 days ago. Since the case was filed outside of Georgia jurisdiction, where he is a legal resident, Akon is currently in the process of engaging counsel in California and will continue to handle this matter in a timely manner."

There's no doubt Akon has more than enough dough to spread around. He raked in $20 million in 2008 due in part to his KonLive record label, which is home to pop princess Lady Gaga.

Akon I understand your effort to run, but lets keep it real you can not hide. The one thing that will happen is once that they establish that you are a money maker you need to continue being a money maker, for the Courts System really has no mercy for you if your income does not continue at the same rate that you are currently making it. Here is what blows me away the Court system will have the nerve to tell you to get a second job, as if that will help???

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Casino Gambling Winnings Help Pay Child Support In Colorado

Colorado casinos are helping parents receive child support payments. A law has been put in effect this year, and over $600,000 in child support payments have been made because of the new law.

The law makes casinos do a computer check on any patron who wins more than $1,200 in jackpot winnings. Those computers turn up anyone who owes back child support. If that is found to be the case, the money is given to the state and not to the winner.

"This is a checks and balances system that should be in every state where there is casinos," says Annabelle Slaton, "There are many parents who are not paying child support but are instead using the money to gamble. This should not be allowed."

Colorado lawmakers agree with Slaton, which is why they put the law in place. State officials in Colorado take child support seriously. They have collected over $320 million in child support in the last year alone.

While that makes the money taken from casino jackpots look small, it is still over $600,000 that was given to parents that had previously been owed support. The law is working, and that has many parents in the state happy.

"To know that someone cannot go to a casino and spend money that should be going to their children is comforting," said Ben Balster, "These deadbeats not only should have their winnings taken, they should be in jail."

Keanu Reeves still battling with a woman from results of paternity test

Actor Keanu Reeves' battle with a woman who says Reeves is the father of her children will drag on: She is contesting the results of a paternity test. DNA tests have conclusively disproved Karen Sala's claims that Reeves is the biological father of at least one of her children, but Sala is again launching her bid for financial support. Reeves says he doesn't even know Sala, 46, who has asked for $150,000 per month in child support, retroactive from 1988, and $3 million a month in spousal support, effective from 2006.

Sportscaster Jim Nantz is in a messy divorce battle with his wife of 26 years

Jim Nantz, 50, who earns more than seven million dollars a year, is in divorce court to protect much of his fortune from wife of 26 years, Lorrie Nantz, the Connecticut Post reported.

Sitting on a makeshift stand before the court, Nantz grew teary as he testified, blaming the marriage's demise on his wife's lavish spending habits, as well as what he claimed was a lack of support for his career, the paper reported.

Nantz's wife, who is seeking alimony as well as more than $1.5 million-per-year in child support for the couple's 15-year-old daughter, Caroline, has stated that she wants to keep the family's six bedroom home in Westport, Conn. The family also owns a condominium at a ski resort in Utah, according to the Connecticut Post. Lorrie Nantz said that she wants to care for the child's daughter even though she has a full-time nanny.

While court papers merely say that the marriage broke down irretrievably, Nantz told Superior Court Judge Howard Owens that while he was traveling around the country for work, his wife stayed home and went on excessive shopping sprees, the paper reported.

In nine years, Lorrie Nantz spent close to $1 million at a high-end clothing and jewelry store in Westport, Conn., the Post reported.

Last month she bought a $12,000 necklace at the posh store, but when pressed on its description, she could not remember details.

"I think it has some sort of stone," Lorrie Nantz told the court, according to the Connecticut Post.

Testimony in the trial concluded Friday, and Judge Owens will determine how to split the couple's assets. In addition to a $3.9 yearly salary from CBS, Nantz also make $4 million a year in deferred compensation, including a deal he has with golf company Titleist.

While testifying, Nantz admitted to having a 29-year-old girlfriend. He said he met the woman while promoting a book he wrote about his father in May, 2008, the Connecticut Post reported. Nantz only began the extramarital affair, he claimed, because his marriage "died," years ago, the Connecticut Post quoted him as saying to the court.

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