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Monday, November 10, 2008

Make non-custodial parent pay $25 fee

Right here in New York state. Effective Oct. 1, a federally required annual service fee of $25 is being charged to the custodial parent who is receiving child support. This is starting to sound like a racket on how they are charging fees to collect money... DPHS charge interest on arrearage, charge a fee for collecting the money. I suppose DPHS makes millions of dollars each year, simply by relying on mothers to file for child support. A bill should pass to elminate how much money DPHS should actually make in a year...

Child-support laws need to be changed

I think that the new changes in child support has made some major improvements for the man, but the way they calculate needs work. How can a woman who makes more money than the man and still get tax free money as if she did not work?

The point should be made if a woman can terminate a childs life in 1 simple payment, a man should be able to terminate his rights to a child with 1 low payment. equality for all. Also, it is my belief that Court ordered support is re[*#@!]ulous. Maybe if the way support was calculated was better examined, there'd be less 'dead beat dads'. Just a thought.

Rounding Up Deadbeat Parents

Why is it so easy to find deadbeat fathers and moms but can not collect a dime? I think that in some case trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, is just not going to happen. The ideal to impose child support on a person who is living with his mom and then put him in jail, what is that really going to accomplish... In my mind repeat offenders usually have a hard time finding work. So even if its only 50 dollars a month, something is better than nothing. To impose a fine and take half of a mans check is not fair to the man or his family. You see until the judges start looking at what they do to the common man, they will never know how to be fair and impartial. So in 6 months they will have another round up.

Paternity tests prove hundreds are not the father

The Daily Telegraph can reveal 18 men, cleared by DNA testing, have made use of changes permitting them to claw back funds paid through the Child Support Agency. More than 300 men have been cleared by DNA of being fathers. Documents obtained under Freedom of Information show orders for $171,567 to be returned have so far been made against the mothers.

The money that was paid to them is being garnisheed from mothers' incomes by the Child Support Agency in the same way that payments are taken from the wages of non-custodial fathers. In each case the duped men were able to prove beyond doubt in the courts they were not the fathers based on DNA paternity testing. The new law, section 143 of the Child Support (Assessment) Act, requires the Family Court to consider issuing orders for repayment where paternity is successfully challenged and child support has been paid.
The law allowing such repayment debts to be collected by the Child Support Agency became effective on January 1 last year. In the biggest case, Queensland man Ken Rodgers obtained orders for the repayment of $60,000 after making child support contributions over a decade to a woman who refused to even send him a photograph of his alleged child.

The happy note is that some fathers are being reimbursed for their payments for a child that was not his, although what about the fathers who have proved the child is not theirs and can not get his money back...

Is that really justice?

Indiana man gets four years in prison for not paying child support

ZANESVILLE — An Indiana man received four years in prison Monday in a Muskingum County Common Pleas court for not paying child support, according to the Muskingum County Prosecutor’s Office.
Adonis Brooks, or Kenneth T. Brooks, 48, was sentenced to the prison term by Judge Mark Fleegle and ordered to pay $51,260.83 in back child support for six children. This is the worse thing that the Courts could do to a man. When they lock him up they not only punish him but punish the childern as well. If the Courts would spend as much time trying to work with the person behind on support as they do trying to lock them up maybe, just maybe they could get something accomoplished other than locking them up. The worse thing that can happen to this man is interest on arrearage! You see after child support reaches a certain limit, it becomes impossible to pay back!

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