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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What do you think should be the minimum payment ?

What do you think should be the minimum payment for child support by fathers? If the child does not live with both parents should clothes be at the separate homes. What advice would you give to fathers in regards to the upbringing of their kids in terms of financial, moral and emotional support?

Yolanda: “It should be $100 per week for a child. Sometimes children do have clothes at the other home depending on the type of father. Fathers must look after their children especially if they know they are theirs. They must rally behind their children 100 per cent because the children are their future.”

Anonymous: “I would say $100…Is reasonable. I shall talk for myself because some might not agree. I have a two-year-old son and I give him anything once his mother calls and asks. I never believe that a man should have to end up in courts for child support. If you didn’t want a child, you would not have gone there in the first place. Clothes should be shared at both homes. As a father, play the father’s role and be there at all times. Fathers, they are your children don’t let them go astray and go in gangs.”

Speechless: “I believe about $300. With the rising cost of living, $100 can’t do anything for anybody. Children should have clothes by both parents. Fathers must be aware of the essence of parental care in terms of discipline and financial support. Parental care could be categorised under financial arrangement. Love for your kids is very important too.”

Perry: “I have a daughter, she is one year, seven months, three weeks and six days. I believe there shouldn’t be a minimum, once you have it, give it. Fathers, whatever is yours belongs to your child as well. Yes, I believe that the clothes should be shared. Any shopping for the youth, both mother and father must deal with that responsibility collectively. Make time to see your youth as much as possible, no matter what’s on the agenda, always be there for them. Do not neglect a child because a child feels more of the love when both mother and father are around.”

Zardara Powell: “It should be $200 or at least $150 per week. What can $80 do and life is so hard? Yes, children who live with their moms should have clothes at their father’s place. I would tell the fathers to support their child/ren always”.

The point I think that these people are missing is not how much it cost to raise the child, but how much can the father pay and still support himself...


Nevada law places presumptive maximums on the amount of child support a person is obligated to pay. A parent must pay 18% of his/her income for one child and 25% for two children. The amount a person pays, however, is subject to a cap based on the income range the paying parent falls in. In other words, if the applicable percentage of the paying parent's income is more than the cap amount, the paying parent will only be responsible for paying the cap amount. The presumptive cap amounts increased on July 1, 2008. To view the cap amounts click here.

Presumptive Maximum Amounts of Child Support
2008 Schedule
NRS 125B.070
Presumptive Maximum Amounts Increased 4.1% Pursuant to the Consumer Price Index (All Items) Increase in Calendar Year 2007 (December - December) as Published by the U.S. Department of Labor. If you have any questions, please contact Deanna Bjork, Manager of Budgets, (775) 684-1708. (Historical Maximum Amounts (pdf))

Income Range Presumptive Maximum Amount
If the Parent's Gross Monthly Income is at Least But Less Than The Presumptive Maximum Amount the Parent May be Required to Pay per Month per Child Pursuant to

Paragraph (b) Subsection 1 is
$0 $4,235 $604
$4,235 $6,351 $664
$6,351 $8,467 $726
$8,467 $10,585 $785
$10,585 $12,701 $846
$12,701 $14,816 $906
$14,816 No Limit $968

Note: Issued by the Administrative Office of the Courts April 1 of each year in accordance with the provisions of NRS 125B.070 (3)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Establishing Paternity

The reason that I decided to write about this issue is because of the surge of men paying for children that actually are not their biological children. Surely this could'nt be true, right? The reality is all a woman has to do to establish paternity is to say that the baby is mine. This is were men get the shaft, if the man never receive information that he has to appear in court. Then the court automatically assumes that the man is the father. Of course it just that simple for a woman to go to court and make a claim and establish paternity. Now lets look at the flip side, they start garnishing the guys check talking about child support. He is livid and marches down to Department of Human Services (DHS) asking why is my check being garnished. They politely explain that paternity has been established and he is the father of a boy or girl. Now hold on to your seats and enjoy the ride. The accused is not afforded the opportunity to dispute such a claim without first appearing in court. Even after he makes a claim he then has to pay for a DNA test to prove the child is not his! (Please remember that he is still paying child support)... So the test comes back and proves he is not the father. Now he has to go back to court and show the proof to stop the garnishment. So after the court agree that the child is not mine, I have to wait for the court order to cease garnishing my check... This is the ugly part, all money that is paid to the mother who made the claim she gets to keep! This is food for the thought, you as an accused parent have a window of time to dispute a child being yours, if you don't then you are stuck paying support for the next 18 years...

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