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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

50 Cent's Child Support Bill Cut By nearly 75%

Rapper 50 Cent found out Monday that he no longer has to pay his ex-girlfriend Tomkins $25,000 a month for child support of his son Marquis. The court ruled the G-Unit President will now only have to pay $6,700 a month. In April awarded Tomkins $25,000 a month ($10,000 in child support and $15,000 for expenses), half of what she was demanding, while the court reviewed the expenses for her and 50's son. Now that the review is over, 5o is happy with the new order.

911 billed passed

Gov. David Paterson is making it a crime to prevent someone in a domestic violence situation from calling 911 by disabling or removing a phone.
The bill passed earlier this year by the Legislature and signed into law by Paterson Monday creates the misdemeanor. But Paterson says it should be followed with measures outlawing other ways of keeping a spouse or partner from calling for help, such as restraining someone physically from making the call.

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