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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ex-pro baseball player faces sentencing for child support evasion

A sentencing hearing was scheduled Friday for one of the state's most wanted child support evaders.

Former pro baseball player Troy Neel was arrested in December for not paying child support.

He owes more than $725,000 for more than eight years of missed payments.

Neel used to play baseball for the Oakland A's and professionally in Japan.

He's charged with fleeing the country to avoid paying.

He could serve up to two years in prison.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hixson Man Who Owes Over $116,000 In Child Support Faces Federal Charges

A Hixson man who owes almost $117,000 in child support is facing federal charges in Federal Court in Chattanooga.

The criminal complaint was brought against Shaun M. Martin after a special agent of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said he had worked regularly, but made few payments to his wife and son in Indiana since first ordered to do so in 1995.

Agent David R. White of Indianapolis said Martin was ordered to pay $169 per week for the support of his son, who was born in 1994.

He said Martin left his wife and moved with a girlfriend to either Switzerland and Taiwan when his son was very young.

The agent said Martin has maintained jobs while moving frequently, but only made a few child support payments when his wages were garnisheed.

He said Martin's wife two years ago came to the residence of Martin's father on Cove Ridge Drive in Hixson and spoke in person with Martin about the back child support payments. She said she told him she was willing to go to court with him and get the amount owed reduced if he would just start paying something. She said he told her that was a great idea, but he never appeared with her in court.

The agent said Martin now lives with a girlfriend in an apartment on S. Dent Road in Hixson and works at the Sears Outlet Store on Highway 153.

Akon Served Child Support Papers At Michael Jackson's Memorial?

Akon Served Child Support Papers At Michael Jackson's Memorial?

Singer/producer Akon may be stacking millions of dollars, but according to reports, he is not sharing the wealth with one of his children. TMZ reported that the mother of one of Akon's children, has been trying to serve him child support papers but with no luck. The site also stated that she even went so far as to attempt to serve him during Michael Jackson's public memorial srevice, which he attended last week.

Sarah Coleman, the mother of the 6-month old child in question, claims that Akon has yet to respond to her petition after taking a paternity test. Despite going public, Coleman's lawyer, Patrick Baghdaserians, stated that her goal is to keep the matter private.

"My client does not wish to comment on the paternity matter," said Baghdaserians said in a statement. "Ms. Coleman wants to ensure privacy and a amicable resolution. My client's goal is to resolve this matter forthwith without media intervention."

Akon refuted Coleman's claims that he has been uncooperative, and released a separate statement. "Akon has taken responsibility and has been extremely cooperative and proactive in handling this private matter," said his rep. "Paternity was only established just over 30 days ago. Since the case was filed outside of Georgia jurisdiction, where he is a legal resident, Akon is currently in the process of engaging counsel in California and will continue to handle this matter in a timely manner."

A native of Senegal, a country in West Africa, Akon built his fortune as a solo artist and producer. He is responsible for signing mega-acts T-Pain and Lady Gaga to his Konvict Music Label, and raked in a reported $20 million last year. He also has five other children from previous relationships.

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