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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Men have to step up and be a dad!

These school shootings are getting out of hand, their have been 2 separte incidents of school shootings in Memphis, TN over a disagreement. Is it really worth killing a guy because you did not like his team?Now days kids don't fight any more/they shoot. Even when they fight if the looser is not satisfied he may still want to get a gun and shoot up the place. The problem that we are haiving in todays society is that not enough men are stepping up and being dads! Without the leadership of a man guiding his son or daughter down the road to success they will continue to end up in trouble or in jail.

As we look at todays society we are gradually seeing more teen violence . They are commiting crimes with no remorse and never really get a grasp of what they have done until they end up in jail. Then they always have that dumb found look on their face, like what did I do? Society has changed so much that men who father childern, are doing stepping up? Everyday I hear its the teachers fault because the kids are undisciplined, and they have no directions. When in reality its the parents fault.

We as parent need to remember that children did not ask to be here, and once we take the time to create life we have to take time to preserve life.

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