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Thursday, April 24, 2008

vigilante parents

Have you ever looked at a child's face when you told him or her that they could not see the non custodial parent?
It is wrong for any parent to prevent a child from bonding with their parent? Parents, you have a responsibility to pay for children you bring into this world, the money is to help with their general welfare. Providing a roof over their head, feeding, clothing, the list goes on. There is simply no excuse for denying your children their money. Equally I do not condone parents being denied access to see their kids. I guess it all boils down to educating parents and would be parents on the untold consequences this has on the innocent parties - the children.
I personally thing that the vigilante parents that talk the law in their hand should suffer the consequences of their actions. If they think that because the dad did not pay child support that he should not see the child is not their call. They should be forced to sit in jail for the weekend while the child spends time with the non custodial parent. I think after that the problem will be resolved.

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