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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

16-Yr.-Old To Pay Child Support

It's a situation fraught with so many twists and turns that if you saw it on a movie screen you might not believe it.
It began when a 19-year-old girl from the town of Lancaster, Ohio was accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy. Jane Crane was allowed to stay at the child's Columbus-area home when allegations surfaced that her stepfather was being abusive.
But something apparently clicked between the girl and the underage son of those providing her temporary refuge. She's since been charged with unlawful sexual conduct, after allegedly having physical relations at least twice with the underage boy.
So far, the story is somewhat sad, but not that unusual.
But here's where it takes an odd turn. The teen became pregnant as a result of the encounter and paternity tests prove the boy is the father of the little girl, who was born in late April.
Now a court has ordered the youngster to pay $50 a month child support, despite the fact the act that resulted in the child's birth was apparently illegal.
Crane, meanwhile, could face up to 18 months in jail if she's convicted, and that's now prompted the boy's family to try and gain custody of the newborn. The baby is currently living with Crane and her family not far away.
The parents of the now 16-year-old say that because of the allegations against the stepfather, they don't think their granddaughter is safe and they want to take her home with them. They're also outraged that a teenager said to be the victim of a crime has to pay child support.
The unidentified boy's parents claim their son is having nightmares and problems sleeping and that his life has been changed forever because of his naivete. His folks are hoping for a plea bargain to resolve the issue, even as the young mother awaits her own day in court this week.
So what is next a teacher molest a student 15 and she is 21; she gets pregnant and they expect the 15 year old to pay support, is that really right? I guess as a man he should have rapped it up?

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