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Monday, August 11, 2008

James McGreevey will pay child support, but not alimony

Former Gov. James E. McGreevey will not have to pay alimony to his ex-wife, a judge ruled Friday in granting the couple a divorce after a tumultuous eight-year marriage that crumbled publicly when McGreevey acknowledged he was a “gay American.”
A superior court judge ruled that McGreevey, the nation’s first openly gay governor, must pay $250 a week, or $1,075 a month, in child support for his 6-year-old daughter with Dina Matos. James E. McGreevey. Matos had argued that McGreevey was deliberately underemployed to evade paying alimony to support her, but the judge said that McGreevey was being supported by his rich boyfriend while studying at the seminary and, therefore, didn't need employment to support himself.
I can not believe the court is going to let this governor off the hook. What state is this that the man does not even have to get a job? His gay lover is rich and will make the child support payments so that lets McGreevy off? This is a travesty to the poor. The court is literally slapping this guy on the wrist and say you better pay, but don't worry if you don't have a job, we understand, wink-wink...This Court system has no shame.

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