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Friday, October 2, 2009

Can I get child support if my husband is not the biological father

Can I get child support from my husband if he is not my child biological father? We have been together since I was 8 months pregnant with my son and his real father has never been in the picture. -Shantell

Family Attorney John Mayoue's Answer:

A custodial parent may only obtain child support from the biological or adoptive parent of a child. There is a growing trend in many states, however, under which a
party can claim that another person, not biologically related, has been in a parent-like relationship with a child and should therefore pay child support. It is called a psychological parent model. Under any scenario, Shantell could not receive child support from her husband unless and until she divorces him.

I agree totally with the ideal that if the parent has established that psychological parent model. Although I can not stand the fact that some men have been duped into thinking the child is his and it is not. He has done nothing for the child and the court punished the man with no remorse. My blood boils when their is a DNA done and the woman has been proved a liar and the court just says o-well. I think that a bill need to be written to stop this deception.

Once the law is in the books all this deception crap will stop with the quickness!

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