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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tom Sizemore owes $58,000 in back child support?

Actor Tom Sizemore's ex filed a lawsuit last week according to' TMZ'. The lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court states Jinele Mc'Intire was owed more than $58,000 dollars in back support for the couples twin boys that were born in 2005.

Jinele makes her point very clear in the lawsuit stating " Tom Sizemore is a Dead Beat Dad".

Mc'Intire goes on to state due to the actors non-payments she's been forced to live with a friend while having the kids stay with her brother in Texas. She added 'Sizemore' has made no attempt to see them there". Jinele also claims Sizemore last saw the boys when he was filming "Sober House" a show that paid the actor $200,000then going on to film "Celebrity Rehab" which also paid another $200,000 dollars.

Mc'Intire also seeks health insurance and legal fees from Sizemore.

I see this crap everyday, you want to look at the worst case scenario saying the man is a deadbeat, but do we really know the whole story? This astronomical figure came from where? This was his girl friend and they were living together, so that makes it right to call the man a deadbeat? Hey lets face the facts he is a actor and if he is not working how can he make those large child support payments. Hey don't get me wrong, if he is a deadbeat lets place the shoe where it belongs, but before we go casting the first stone, lets look in the mirror first!

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