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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Justice for all

They called this justice when the Court sent me a court date that I never receive and imposed $700 dollars a month in child support payment. I will never forget the first time that I received a rude awakening from the child support Court. It is funny that if a man does not show up to Court that he automatically elected not to come to Court... Although if a woman does not show up to court she did not receive the paper work and they must refile that court date. That is the crap that men face when they stand in front of those judges. I suppose my situation is different than many because I had children by two different women in two different states. So imagine my surprise when one judge said that because we filed first, we get the options on taxing your income that is why your paying $700. Then imagine this, that the second child support case says that because the kids were born first that they automatically get first position to take my money and they took $700 dollars. Did I mention that I only maid $1,600 dollars for that pay period and after taxes I made $2.45... How can they be so cold?

I can not imagine if the court system would have thrown the book at me!

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