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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crack is creating Deadbeat mothers

Since the emergence of crack the rate of women becoming deadbeat moms continue to rise to new levels.

Our society is quick to force fathers to pay for child support while simultaneously curtailing their custodial rights and limiting their one-on-one time with their kids; our society loves to rail against "Deadbeat Dads" who refuse to pay support and desert their children. I agree that Deadbeat Dads should be reprimanded and be forced to contribute resources towards their childrens' upbringing--but what about Deadbeat Moms? You never hear about them, but trust me, they exist. I know of dozens of cases of mothers who use child support to remodel their houses and take exotic vacations; mothers who readily accept child support yet find excuse after excuse for not holding a steady job; mothers who abandon their children and then disappear, only to show up again years later demanding full custody; and, yes, mothers who are told by the courts to pay child support who can't seem to ever cough up the cash. Ridiculous. We hardly ever hear about these cases of delinquent mothers in the media, so the image of the "Deadbeat Dad" lingers on whereas birth mothers are continuously heralded and lauded for their apparent purity and virtue.

I think nothing is more heart breaking to see a woman who got hooked on that glass dick and nothing matters to her except when can she get her next high...

I suppose my pet peeve with the Courts is that they have don't really try to handle the problem with these addicts or these damn deadbeats! They give them a slap on the wrist and don't really want to lock them up. Although if the situation was reversed and it was a man hooked on crack and he did not pay child support, they lock him up!

The way society looks at women who are deadbeat, they make excuses! They will give them a pass in one breath and give them chance after chance to try and get right!

Lets look at it from this prospective if you are a woman and you fit into this criteria of:

bulletDoesn't feed their Children
bulletDoesn't help them with School work
bulletDoesn't bathe them
bulletDoesn't keep their hair clean
bulletTalks despairingly of their Father
bulletDoesn't pay Child Support
bulletDoesn't have a job
bulletGets evicted more than often
bulletDoesn't maintain a clean, living environment
bulletDoesn't provide beds for the children to sleep on
bulletPhysically, sexually, or mentally abuses the children
bulletAllows their significant other to physically, sexually, or mentally abuse the children

You are a deadbeat mom, and need help and if she can not help herself, then maybe the Court should step in and help you out. I would rather have a deadbeat mother who is locked up than a dead mother who got killed because she was in the streets!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know a woman named Beverly Zimnicki who is the definition of deadbeat mom. Has four kids with four diffrent men and doesnt have custody of any of them. She has never paid child support for any of them and is currently behind over $40,000 in child support for the oldest child. She does drugs in stead of taking care of her children and is always in and out of jail. She needs to get her life straight and stop having kids.

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