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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jermaine Dupri sued by Sarai Jones over child support payments

In March, a judge ordered Dupri, a 38-year-old music producer worth millions, to pay $2,500 a month and an additional $7,500 to Sarai Jones, based on the results of a paternity test, according to the Associated Press, which carried the report.
Dupri and his attorney have not commented. Jones has a 7-month-old daughter.
Dupri is also facing financial troubles, the AP said, adding that his mansion was almost auctioned off after a foreclosure and that the music producer owes the state of Georgia more than $493,000 in back taxes for 2007. Dupri has a daughter, Shaniah Mauldin, with Pam Sweat.
He says in his 2008 memoir "Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul," that he met Sweat when he was 25 and that she told him of her pregnancy after the two dated for several weeks.
Dupri and Jackson broke up in 2009 after being together for about seven years.

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Mac said...

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