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Sunday, November 23, 2014

10 kids by 8 women: ex-NBA player's child support

Yesterday, “Nancy Grace” did a segment on former NBA player Jason Caffey and his child support suits and bankruptcy. The report is Caffey owes over $400,000 in child support payments for 10 children by 8 different women in 5 different states. And I guess these are the ones, as Nancy put it "that we know about." According to Grace, bankruptcy doesn't exempt a parent from paying child support.
They reported that he claims $11,000 as his monthly income and pays out almost $7,000 per month. Caffey, over the span of his eight-year career played professional basketball for the Chicago Bulls, the Bucks, and Warriors, they estimated his annual salary to be at least $5 Million per year, and he retired five years ago.
His college sweetheart and mother of his first child was on the show. It looks as if she has moved on, because she was photo’d in what appeared to be a wedding gown with a man, and perhaps a family photo with the guy, and a young boy. She reported when he worked, he paid his child support. After he retired, payments were inconsistent. This is one mother. He claims after retirement, he does not make the same income, and should not have to make the same payments.
Nancy gets into what she calls his string of businesses that he is reported to have, and one of her guests talks about him having had supposedly having a history of a "mental illness—social anxiety disorder." What it has to do with payments, who knows? Several obvious issues are in play, besides the one of responsibility. However, is this too logical---when you are changing jobs or moving from a certain income level to a lesser level, doesn’t the parent go into court and say in the beginning, “I can’t afford these payments?” I don't know what his situation was, because I have not followed his story.
No one knows all the financial details, but they had some of his financial information on supersoakerstyle blast. It looked like snippets of an annual report statement up on the screen. I mean WOW. I must really be out of the loop, because I thought people stopped having so many kids-here-there-everywhere. Anyway, a whole lotta dynamics are working this issue.


Addison Conroy said...

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Preeti Kumari said...

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Jennifer Davies said...

There are so many factors that go into child support. Bankruptcy, unfortunately, is a fairly common problem. As soon as someone has stopped paying completely, it's a case for a lawyer to look at.

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orange county child support said...

10 children from 8 different women and none of them know each other. After bankruptcy case this was disclosed. Now It depends upon the judgement of the court that how his estate will be distributed among 10 kids. Judge will work according to the enforced law of that country. But estate cannot complete their family.

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