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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who Started this mess?

This by far as to be the topic of the week, why? Well 90% of the child support cases that exist in our life time stems strictly from the inability to get along. I mean the problem in most cases is that the guy broke up with his girlfriend and she is pregnant. Conversation with family and friends initiate the desire to get help for the Juvenile Court System. When the women make up their mind to go down to the Court, she in most case has good intentions, but the problem begin when it changes from providing for the child, to a vindictive rage to cripple the man.
Now in the man's mind the Court is going to be fair and impartial but in the womans mind she is going to work the system to the best of her ability. After the judge has waves his magic wand and implemented irreversible rulings against the man, the damage is done! For the next 18 years they have been sentence to each other through the child. I went back and forth to court in a 5 year period that my docket looked like the novel "Gone With The Wind"... yea, It was that thick. I wanted visitation she wanted more money. Then I found another woman and all hell broke loose. In most cases the women don't want the man but don't want any other woman to have them either... Then the women treat the children like pawns, they push the kids in and out the dads life when it works for them. The women are quick to say he did not pay any child support, want him locked up... Then complain if they don't get any money! Bobby Womack said it so eloquently "Girl I can't be in two places at one time". Of course I am not saying that women don't have the right to change their mind, but what I am saying is their are consequences for you wanting to hurt the man... Do they ever think that they may hurt the Child when they hurt the Dad?
I then have the issues with women that disregard what the Court ordered, generally that is the women will not let the man see the child...(that ain't right). Although let a man miss a payment they want to lock him up. I think that if a woman want to take the law in her hand when she deprives the father of his rights, that she should be deprived of her rights, Freedom. That's right lock her ass up while the child is visiting with the dad and when visitation ends she is let go. When this starts happening this will create a ripple effect across the country. So when women see what is good for the goose is good for the gander, they will not be so quick to play that game...
I have so much to say with what has happened in my life in regards to child support, some things make you just shake your head, then some make you angry. I think the worst feeling that a man has after he leaves the Court room is that he has been fu**ed and he did not even get a kiss.
I think that when the parent can not get along, a manadatory counseling should be set in place, for the sake of the child... The most successful adults in the world came from a family that had a mother and father figure in their life. I am not saying that they have to love each other, but what they should do is still care if there actions is going to effect the child...

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