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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Why Pay Child support

As a child growing up my father was never a part of my life. My mother raised me by herself, she had me when she was 16. I hear about fathers all the time not paying child support and I think back to my childhood and I know exactly what it was like. Sometimes the shadow of giving a few token dollars gives men the impression that "they don't need to spend time with the child". In fact women would like for the man to pay child support and visit the child. Although if they had a choice 70% would rather have the dad in the child's life. Sure women can raise a boy and he becomes a man, but only a man can raise a boy to be a man. The man is the infrastructure that help the boy to be a man and a girl to become a woman. I say these things because when a man and a woman raise children together they have a 80% success ratio. When couples bond together to create a life , why can't they at least remain friends to raise that life.
The one thing as a child that I missed because of no child support was my mother... She worked long hours to raise me. From the age of 5 I had to raise myself. I learned to cook, open the door lock the door and take care of myself until she got home. As a only child it was tough on me, and believe me it gets lonely at night when you are at home all by yourself.
The payment of child support offers that extra income to send the child to day care, or go to a private school.
So why pay child support? 1st because you should, that is your child and take care of him or her. It is your responsibility and step up and be a man or woman. Always remember they did not ask to be here.

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