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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Seven children call Terress Sims “Daddy” but for nearly 11 years one other child’s mother says he’s responsible for an 8th. He says he’s not.
“If I claim all these kids, which is a good number for children, why should I be denying one,” asked Sims.
He says the SC Department of Social Services told him he’d have to pay for the DNA test to prove he wasn’t the Daddy. “I was like I can’t afford it one right now and they told me basically they made me well they’re like you got to pay until you can afford one,” said Sims.
So he was ordered to pay thousands in child support but says he finally stopped for good when the girl started to not look like him. When we asked Sims if he took care of this child thinking it was his he replied, “No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t thinking it was mine. I was paying because they made me, otherwise I’d go to jail.”
And when he didn’t pay he was sentenced to 6 months in jail.
“I went to jail later on in the year,” said Sims. “I went to jail twice.”
Family court documents we obtained showed in May of this year he had a genetic test showing he wasn’t the father but DSS required an additional test.
How could that not be good enough? DSS wouldn’t answer that question citing confidentiality but claims they would never force someone to front the money to have a DNA test done.
“We will go ahead and have the tests done,” said DSS Director of Child Support Enforcement Larry McKeown. “If the individual is excluded there is no cost. If the individual is found to be the father than we would ask the court to have the individual reimburse us.”
Not true says Mr. Sims who lost more than just money he lost his freedom.
“That’s time away from your life you can’t get back,” Sims said.
Family court tell us from here Mr. Sims will be able to ask DSS to schedule another hearing to see if he can get his money back. That’s up to the judge. 7 On Your Side will continue to follow his case and let you know what happens.
For more information about disputing child support enforcement claims and starting a case with DSS call 864-282-4650 or click here. You have to watch this to believe this clip to believe it.

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