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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Locking men up for not paying child support

I don't believe that Locking men up for not paying child support is the answer. Once a child is born it is the obligation of the mother and father is to raise that child and take care of him or her. Treating a man or woman like a common criminal because they can not afford to pay child support is not the answer.You not only ruin the father’s life but the child as well. The point is not to figure how to lock him or her up, but how to make them contribute to the cause. So many programs could be initiated that would help although if a work release programs could be implemented it would be a resolution to one big problem. 1st he pays child support and he would pay fees to remain in the program. Most important to stay in the program he has to participate in the child’s life. This could be a simple answer to a big problem. We just need a open mind to make it work.

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