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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Man $120,000 behind in child support gets 9-year sentence in South Bend

Charles Gillam was ordered by a St. Joseph Circuit Court to serve 9 years in prison for not paying more than $120,000 of in child support.
SOUTH BEND — A 34-year-old South Bend man was sentenced to serve nine years in prison for not paying child support.
Charles Gillam also was ordered by a St. Joseph Circuit Court magistrate to be placed on probation for 15 years upon his release from prison.
He was more than $120,000 in arrears as of Jan. 31, according to a news release from the St. Joseph County prosecutor’s office.
Gillam pleaded guilty in 2007 to three counts of non-support of a dependent child, a Class C felony.
I understand the need to enforce child support payments, but a class c felony? So the 9 years that he is locked up he can not pay, is his obligation still in effect? If so then the man is set up to fail, right? If he is at $120,000 now when he is released he will owe even more right? If locked up more than 3 times for same offense, does the 3 strike rule fall in effect?

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