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Friday, July 4, 2008

Video: Ex-Heavyweight Champ Holyfield in Court for Back Child-Support

Ex-Heavyweight Champ Holyfield in Court for Back Child-Support

A woman wants thousands of dollars in back child-support from former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield or else.The woman asked a Fayette County judge to throw the champ in jail if the debts aren’t paid.

Irvin said she was trying to protect the 10 year-old son she shares with Holyfield. Irvin said the child doesn't medical insurance has been informed that he must leave private school. Irvin said her home may soon be in foreclosure.Holyfield dominated the boxing ring, but Thursday, he was in a very public battle with one of the mothers of his children.Irvin said, while Holyfield lives lavishly in a $10 million Fairburn estate complete with a movie theater, lap pool and bowling alley, she and one of the Holyfield's sons are just days away from foreclosure.Irvin's attorney said Holyfield is three months behind in child support to the tune of $9,000. According to a court document filed in Fayette County Wednesday, Holyfield is not in compliance with a 1999 Child Support Agreement. In it, Irvin said the Holyfield agreed to provide health insurance, private school and a college and grad school tuition trust. She claims he's in violation of all three. Irvin's family law attorney is now asking a judge to jail the Holyfield if he doesn't cough up the money.

Unfortunately Holyfield income has changed and he is in a bankrupt status, and because is his income has drastically been reduced because he is not boxing he should not have to pay $3,000 a month. Its obvious that he was paying support but there has been a impact change in his life, no big pay days. Is putting a man in jail because he can not afford to pay child support really in the best interest of the child?

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