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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DNA test doesn’t stop Oklahoma man's child support liability

"She said, ‘Yeah, 100 percent sure you’re the dad,’ so I didn’t question it past that,” the man said.
But that man, who asked to remain anonymous because of pending litigation, says testing shows otherwise. He provided The Oklahoman with a copy of genetic test results dated Nov. 10 from Identigene showing he is not the father. State law, though, compels him to continue paying child support even though he’s not a biological parent — and there are more like him.
Nearly 25 percent of about 3,000 paternity tests conducted by the state Department of Human Services from July 2007 through June ruled out the supposed father as the biological parent. Nationally, that number reaches nearly 30 percent, according to the American Association of Blood Banks.
State limitsDHS only performs genetic testing within the first two years of a child’s life, which is the state limit on contesting paternity.
After the two years, "it comes into the best interests of the child and protecting the child to ensure that there’s a source of reliable support,” said Jeff Wagner, spokesman for the DHS Child Support Enforcement Division.
The child the Oklahoma man pays child support for is nearly 5 years old. more

1 comment:

Jett said...

I've not liked the way they handle child support for as long as I can remember. There are situations where parents are tricked out of their kids by adults thinking they can do better because they have more money, then those folks lie to the state and get funds causing the state to persue the parent for money. They also take some of your payoff from a wreck. How are you supposed to get another car? They also will take your license if you don't pay, how are you supposed to get a job or keep one? They really need to revise how they tend to the situation because it actually makes it harder to pay child support the way it is for many. In some cases the guardian blows the money, what do you do then? What if the parent refuses to let you see the child but yet you pay child support? They are seperate issues by law and you'll have to fight each individually meaning even though you pay child support you may not be able to see your own kids. This dad has visitation and she's refusing him. That hurts the child and I wonder why she refuses, legitament reason? Doesn't look like it to me but I don't know. If it's not a legitament reason, then why block visitation? Isn't that called Frustration of visitation? I hope the best for this "dad" and all parents who are tricked or forced into situations in an unjustifiable manner.

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