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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Found Safe After Being Left In Stolen Car

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- An 18-month-old boy was found safe Sunday morning after deputies said his mother let a man borrow her car with her son inside.
Investigators said 24-year-old Julinia Moreno let her friend, Joshua Barnes, 24, borrow her car with Moreno's son in the back seat. Deputies said Barnes drove to a known drug house on Pine Street in Altamonte Springs.
While he was inside investigators said another man, 36-year-old David Carver, stole the car then abandoned the baby in someone's front yard.
The toddler, Jamir Worg, was found wandering in 40-degree weather outside a home on Cornwall Court in Longwood .
"He was just sitting there and when he saw me he just got up and walked toward me and he just gave me his arms and I was like, 'Where's your mommy?'" said lupita Jimenez, the woman who found the boy.
"Well actually I'm at my house, I opened my door and there's a kid right here dropped off," said Jimenez to the 911 operator.
"We've been looking for him. You still have him right? "asked the operator.
"Yes, yes right here," she responded.
According to investigators, Carver traded the car for drugs. Deputies found the car at a Wal-Mart parking lot in Sanford.
Officers said they found two drug dealers inside and they admitted they traded Carver drugs for the car. They revealed his location and Carver was arrested.
"It says a lot about the drug. If it's that powerful it would make a human being abandon a one-year-old child. That's a very scary thing," said James Clark of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.
The child was taken to South Seminole Hospital and was in DCF custody.
The three suspects, David Carver, Joshua Barnes and the child's mother, Julinia Moreno, were being held at the Seminole County jail and faced a judge Monday morning.
Moreno is expected to be released some time Monday. Carver and Barnes have bonds set at $5,000.

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