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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Parents charged with inciting a Riot at Chucky Cheese

An 18-year-old pregnant woman is out on bond tonight after police say she started a riot inside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant Saturday night.

It happened at the 3600 block of Hickory Hill.

During an interview Monday, Juaneka Key told us she was there with her family celebrating her 2-year-old son's birthday. However, the night ended at 201 Poplar.

"Everybody's putting it on me, five of us got arrested: me, my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, and my step-dad," said Key.

She says it all started because of a long line at the photo booth.

"My sister and little brother were taking pictures, the girl said, 'Dang how long ya'll gonna be?'" said Key.

An argument started, escalated and turned into a brawl when police say Key's step-dad intervened, punched the girl and gave her a black eye.

"Other people [began] jumping in that didn't have nothing to do with the fight," said Key.

Court papers describe absolute chaos with fists flying between both the victim's family and the suspect's. Police say customers and children began panicking and running from the scene to avoid getting involved.

Managers at Chuck E. Cheese's declined comment. Though they have several surveillance cameras there, a worker tells us none were pointed at the incident.

Nearby shoppers call it ridiculous.

"Kinda a kid environment, for adults to act like that is kinda disturbing to me," said Bertha Waller.

"I feel so embarrassed," said Key.

But the teen says she has no regrets and denies any of this was her fault.

"The fact that I'm pregnant, why am I gonna fight? I'm not trying to lose my child," said Key.

Both Key and her step-dad face charges of Disorderly Conduct and Inciting a Riot. The two other suspects face charges of threatening cops as they tried to break up the fight, as well as Possession of Marijuana.

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