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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jon Gosselin to drop bitter custody

Jon and Kate Gosselin are reportedly trying to work together away  from the media glare.
Jon and Kate Gosselin are reportedly trying to work together away from the media glare.

In a shocking twist of events, Jon Gosselin is playing nice with his ex-wife.

According to, the octodad is planning to drop his custody and child support lawsuit against ex Kate Gosselin.

He has reportedly hired a new lawyer since firing his former attorney, Anthony List, the man who called Kate an "absentee mom" and filed legal papers on behalf of Jon seeking full custody of their kids.

"Jon has retained a new lawyer and they're now trying to work out an arrangement that is both private and between themselves," a source told E! Online.

Since there is a noticeably large difference between Jon and Kate's income, the exes are reportedly working together to revise the custody and child support agreement that is currently in action.

Jon, 32, has been paying $20,000 a month in child support to his ex-wife, who reportedly earned $200,000 for her stint on "Dancing with the Stars."

If Jon does not withdraw his petition against Kate, 35, the exes will be ordered to attend a parenting class titled "Children in the Middle," TMZ reports.

The three-hour session is reportedly required for all parents who are involved in custody battles in Berks County, PA.

Though they wouldn't have to attend the class together, both parties would be required to complete the course by June 8.

The Gosselin children were recently cleared by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to appear with their mom in a series of new TLC specials titled "Kate Plus 8," according to the Associated Press. Jon is rumored to be trying to get his own show from the network.

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