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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Teacher Allows Students to Dress as Klansmen

Reenacting the Klan was this teachers bright ideal of a good thing to do... I wonder what side of the lake did this lady grow up on. Surely it sounds like she had good intent but lets look at history and how many black men have been beaten and killed simply because the Klan wanted to express themselves.

This kind of stupidity makes me wonder why no one did not see this kind of behavior sooner. With her thinking, she would probably get her Klan group together to demonstrate how lynchings happened. Then say see how bad that was...

Maybe if a group of militant Klan savages exposed her to her to the nightmare that many black families experienced days weeks and months ago, then she could see what was so wrong with that...

I have seen her kind before, she is always the first to stand up in a crowd and say that their is no racism in the world and why are blacks always playing the race card!

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