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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mother sues for child support - 60 years later

An 81-year-old grandmother is suing the father of her son for child support - even though the child in question was born in 1950.

Apparently there's no statute of limitations on child support in California, in the good old US of A, where Rosemary Douglas lives.

Douglas says her former partner, Urban Joseph Grass, 82, owes her $57,000 in child support and interest, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Douglas got pregnant with her son Gerald in 1950 and says Grass was the father of the child.

After her son's birth she went to court to try to get an order for child support. She says Grass, who was not married to Douglas, didn't want anything to do with her.

Grass's attorney, Pedram Mansouri, says there was a court hearing but no child support order was issued and Grass was then sent to Korea with the Army before any more hearings took place.

The attorney says Grass had no idea there was a subsequent order that he should pay Douglas $50 a month in support.

Apparently Douglas tried to find Grass through private attorneys when her son was about five or six but was unable to track him down and gave up. She later married and had two more children.

Gerald went on to serve for 32 years in the Air Force and recently retired as a lieutenant colonel.

Douglas is now a widow and says the $57,000 which she claims she is owed would be very useful to her - but it's also about the principle of the thing.

However Grass's attorney says he hopes the claim will be dismissed. "We are hoping to make this go away pretty quickly," Mansouri told the Chronicle. "I suspect it's an old lady down on her luck who's looking for some money."

What do you think? Should the father be made to pay up, however long it's been?

What do you think? Should the father be made to pay up, however long it's been?

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Anonymous said...

Yes no matter what if he is the father he should pay.Why should he not.The Mother has raised this child and fianaced every penny,this child is not the isssue it is the parent whom never tok resposibility.

paupau said...

no the father should notpay she does not deserve any penny at all specially she is not the wife.

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