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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gamblers who owe child support could lose jackpots

Gamblers who are significantly behind on child-support payments would have to forfeit jackpots at Indiana casinos so their kids can get the money, under a bill backed by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Senate Bill 163 would put casinos in charge of checking customers with single-game winnings of at least $1,200 against a list of parents who are at least $2,000 behind in child-support payments.

Currently, about 165,000 noncustodial parents fit that description. In total, they owe more than $2 billion in back child-support payments.

“We do not believe that parents who have not paid child support should be out gambling,” said Stuart Showalter, legislative liaison for Indiana Shared Parenting, a group that supports the bill.

The ideal has great merit, although lets look at it from this point of view, collecting child support is the option in some cases by any means possible. At times the DHS (Department Of Human Services) takes on this callous approach when imposing a sentence to take child support. The Courts jump on this white horse saying that its all in the name of the child that we must take this money. Even if his or her check can not pay the regular amount of child support the Court has ruled that no man or woman paycheck can not be totally seized; the nice things is only half of the check can be taken. So one portion of the check is untaxed and the other portion is taxed, which portion do you think that the person paying the support gets? You guessed it the tax portion!

So from the stand point of wining gambling, I think that taking half of a persons wining is fair but leaving the man with nothing is unfair and should be unconstitutional. Believe it or not some people make a living gambling and if you take all his income, how can he or she live?

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